Official Accredited by Green Tourism
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Official Accredited by Green Tourism

We are celebrating our recent accreditation with Green Tourism across several of our PREM hospitality properties in the UK and Ireland below:


Green Tourism operate a globally recognised certification programme which audits the commitment of tourism businesses who are actively working to become more sustainable. Their environmental assessors give professional advice on areas such as reducing energy use, saving water, ethical buying, staying local and promoting biodiversity.

Commenting on the accreditation, Evelyn Haran (PREMIER SUITES Brand Manager Europe) said “ESG has been a major focus for us and the Green Tourism accreditation is a significant milestone on our journey to becoming more sustainable. Huge credit is due to our team for making small but significant changes in how we do things. From switching off lights and appliances, conserving water and recycling rubbish, their efforts have made a big impact on our operation.

In an age where the environment has truly become an emotive topic, green travel is on the rise with travellers opting for eco-friendly accommodation options. We’re delighted that our guests are supporting our efforts too by re-using towels, opting out of housekeeping service and unplugging devices when they are leaving the room. Every apartment includes an energy saving guide which has hints and tips on how guests can help to reduce energy and conserve water. We have removed single use bathroom amenities and replaced with large, refillable dispensers. All our light bulbs are 100% energy efficient. We have bikes available for guests to use in many locations and our teams have developed small herb gardens which guests love to visit when they’re planning to cook. We partner with small local businesses and encourage guests to immerse themselves in the neighbourhood, recommending our favourite places to visit. Guest wellbeing is also an area of focus. Our apartments are pet friendly, we have healthy eating recipes available on our website, along with exercise videos to help guests recharge after a long flight or day at the office. We’ve also partnered with Mobility Mojo to independently rate the accessibility of all our accommodations.

As a group, we are investing in energy efficient machinery, plant and equipment to help reduce our carbon footprint in the long run.”

At PREM Hospitality, we understand that by making positive choices our team and guests can all reduce our impact on the environment. We monitor and manage environmental performance in our operations through environmental risk assessments. We strive to improve and develop our sustainable activities. Follow our on-going journey here.

Edel Hall

Edel Hall

Edel studied hospitality in university and has worked in the hospitality industry since – both operationally and behind the scenes. Before joining PREM Hospitality, Edel focused on hotel compliance, ensuring that brand standards and brand identity are adhered to.

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